About me

About me


My name is Geke Woudstra, I am a 22-year-old student International forest and nature management. Specializing in Tropical Forestry. At the moment I’m located in Norway to study Ecology and Conservation for 5 months. The reasons why I decided to do this studie you can read in my first blog.┬áIn my life, there are two important passions: nature and photography. Ok, and travelling to beautiful nature with my camera of course :). Therefore these two subjects are the main reason for this website. I will tell you a lot about nature. I will let you enjoy the adventurous from my trips abroad.

And this will be combined with photography. My pictures, from Holland or all over the world, will be published all over the website and in the blogposts. Now and then I will tell a story about a picture. When it was a remarkable moment or a picture I cannot stop looking at.



Blogs about nature

On the home page, there will be a lot of stories about nature. Varied from my trips abroad until fun facts. Also, I will post blogs with directed information hoping that you will learn something new. On this page, there will also be some stories about the photography. Stories about the pictures or showing pictures that I am proud of.


The photography part of this website will be mainly about the work I made for my personal. These pictures are visible throughout the whole website. But for a better overview, there will be different portfolio’s. It’s possible to buy one (or more) of these photo’s, the information can be found on the photography part of the website.