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In this categorie I will place a big range of variety of interesting topics about nature, with the idea of teaching something new to you. Expanding your knowledge about nature. The topics can vary of sustainability to ecosystem goods and services to topics about biodiversity.


I will tell about sustainability, one of the most important subjects in these times. how can we produces less waist? how can we make our global footprint smaller? how can we reduce our CO2 emissions? Is there a way to compensate our emissions? and many more questions will be answered.

Ecosystem goods and services

What is ecosystems goods and services? I will explain it completely in one of my blog post, but the most important thing to know is. It is all about what nature provides us divided in different categories. It can be on a regulating basis, a provisioning basis, supporting basis and cultural basis. I will explain why it it so important to save the nature, what we will lose if we destroy is. And that there is a way to give value to nature.


What is so important about biodiversity? Why do we always talk about biodiversity of an area? I will explain with biodiversity is, why we use it, where we use it for. And there are a lot of nice facts/interesting information about de biodiversity over the earth.

With information on these subjects, and many more to come, I want to expand the knowledge about the importance of nature. And hoping that more people will come in action to save our nature. Not just in Holland, but all over the world.

What is Sustainability and why is it important

What is Sustainability and why is it important

Today we are going to talk about sustainability, in these times you hear this word several times a day. But what is sustainability? Why are we talking so much about it? Why is it so important? Sustainability is a combination of the words sustain and ability. It means that  biological systems remain diverse and productive, not just for week/months/year bur for indefinitely.  Or the endurance of systems and processes. I will tell more about that in detail in another blog post. Without healthy…

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