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In this category there will be stories that are all about my own personal adventurous. What I experienced while I was abroad, all the preparations needed for my travels, finding an internship, submitting for an minor, looking for a company I can do my thesis.


There is an exciting new adventure coming! What are the thing is need to prepare before I can go? From on this time my trips will be mainly to the tropics, that means that there is a variety of tropical diseases. I have to make sure that I am well prepared for these diseases. Most of the times that means vaccinations :( . And is my equipment still up-to-date enough? do I need to buy something new, or do I need to replace something? And the most important part, is al my paperwork done to even get on the plain without any trouble?

Internship? Minor? Thesis?

What are the things I have to do so I can find a internship that fits my goals, and the goals my school set up for us. And my minor, am I going to follow it in Holland, in Europe or on the other side of the world? What are the costs that I can expect? Is it even possible what I want? Time for the last part of my study, time for the thesis! what to I want to investigate? where do I want to do it? Can I found a company that is willing to give me the opportunity? In my personal blogs I will come back to all of these subjects, giving you updates about where I’m going and how fare I am with all the preparations.

Stories abroad

And of course I am going to provide you with updates about how I am experiencing my adventurous abroad. It will nog always be as regular as I wish, simply because I will be on remote places a lot of my time.

Why I have decided to go for a life in nature

Why I have decided to go for a life in nature

Since I was a little girl I already was fascinated by nature and specially for catching snails and ladybugs. At night I preferred the  keep the lit open, it is sad to keep them in a closed cage.. My mom wasn’t so happy about that and soon it was forbidden to catch them. While I became older my interest grow with it. It went deeper that just catching little animals. I loved it to go to our climbing tree on…

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