Horse riding in Uganda

Horse riding in Uganda

Before I went home on my last day in Jinja, Uganda I decided that I was going to do a horse riding tour. Back at home, I have been riding horses a lot. So I gave myself up as experience and for 3 hours. Without realizing that is has been quite a while ago. And therefore, my legs, but and belly muscles were not used to sitting in a saddle anymore. Not even thinking about 3 hours long!

But I was determined to do the full 3 hours of horse riding. So I could see and experience to most out of it. Because I sat to be experienced I got a horse with needed a bit more attention regarding how you want to control it. I didn’t mind I always say that I do not like horses without their own character. And this one certainly had one. His name was Zeus, and he lived up to that name.

The trip was intended to start slowly but as you can see in the video Zeus did not want to go slowly. Only after our big sprint, he started to cool down a bit. Lucky for me, the other 1,5 hours he was a bit more relaxing to control. Which was perfect. My legs started to get tired and my butt started to hurt. But I was happy that I had chosen the 3 hours trip. I have seen many little villages and driven to the big fields of tea or sugarcane. Being back in the countryside Africa for a few hours after a few days in a city. After the hours of horse riding, I was too tired to stress about the last hours in Uganda. And just eat something and got all relaxed in the car back the airport.


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