The things that can go wrong with an internship

The things that can go wrong with an internship

Internship miserable? it should not be miserable. It should be lots of fun and lots of learning. Studying International forest and nature management, focusing on tropical forest. It also means that you are on a beautiful place with a lovely climate. But sometimes things goes different than planned. Sometimes your ideas and expectations are so far apart from the actual situation, that you are thinking about to stop the internship. And that is what happens to me.

Internship in Uganda

I will not say that my internship was miserable, it was more that it did not suit to myself. Other people would have had the time of their live on that place. But for me there were to many negative points to be able to stay there for 5 months. Although the decision to stop the internship and to go home was definitely not maid in one night. The month that I have been on my internship where a little different than expected. I did not learn the things I had hoped to learn. I was not as happy as I wanted to be. But I cannot say that the 4 weeks where a waste of time. I did learn a lot, not about work experience, but about myself. What do I want? why? where?  In the meanwhile there were some moments I could enjoy being in Uganda. After all, I was in Uganda on my one. That was already pretty impressive. The nature is beautiful, the monkeys are a joy to watch and running away for forest elephants can be really funny. My Ugandan collega was really afraid when he heard them from a distance and could only say ‘run run’, so we did. But unfortunately they blocked our exit out of the forest, so we had to call the head office to bring a car and pick us up.  So yes, there are memories I will remember when I am old.

And now?

Yeah.. what next? After two more weeks of traveling through Uganda I came home. without a completed internship. And not the motivation to go to the other side of the world immediately after coming back. So that meant that I will have study delay. In stead of graduating in summer 2019 it will be January 2020. If everything will work out now of course. First after summer, my minor will start. I hope that I can follow the ecology and conservation minor in Norway. Afterwards, beginning of 2019 I will re do my internship. But where? Big part of my heart wants to go to Africa again, but after my experience in Uganda and how I battled with myself. I am in doubt if that will be a good decision. Another dream place to follow a part of my study is Australia or New Zealand. I tried to follow my minor in one of these countries, but unfortunately this was way to expensive.

But maybe this can be a new opportunity to be able to be a semester in Australia of New Zealand. On this moment I am focussing on finding an internship in one of these countries. And spending some time on what I really want to do for my internship and after my study. Where I want to go, what kind of work, office or field? or maybe  a combination of both.  Do I want to go alone? Is my passion bigger than my desire to live in the same house as my boyfriend whole year around?

In other words, so many thoughts and so many ideas about what to do the coming years.
Do you know an interesting company or project for a possible internship? please let me know!

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