Why I have decided to go for a life in nature

Why I have decided to go for a life in nature

Since I was a little girl I already was fascinated by nature and specially for catching snails and ladybugs. At night I preferred the  keep the lit open, it is sad to keep them in a closed cage.. My mom wasn’t so happy about that and soon it was forbidden to catch them.

While I became older my interest grow with it. It went deeper than just catching little animals. I loved it to go to our climbing tree on the Veluwe. And the day was perfect if we got a visit from the wild horses. unfortunately that did mean the end of our visit. My mom is really scared for horses, so we had to be gone in seconds.

Starting a nature life

When I started high school it was possible to learn more about it. My subjects were carefully chosen to fit in with my interest for nature. I chose subjects like: biology, geography, chemistry and physics. When I finished high school and received my diploma, one of my dreams came true. After working hard for a long period, both on school as with my side job, I was finally time to start my trip to Madagascar!

Forest Giant in Madagascar
Old forest giant in Madagascar

10 weeks in beautiful tropical nature and culture, that was the moment I fell in love with nature for good. And a slightly bigger part for tropical nature. Also, the culture is wonderful, here in the western country we can only live in hurry. always faster and always more. While in the tropics they work with ‘Mora Mora’, slowly slowly… And I think that it is amazing, there is so need to live in a hurry, just relax. If you cannot finish it today, there is another day to do it. That is also one of the main important things I learned will being a volunteer.


New adventure, new plans

After almost 11 weeks I was back in Holland again. All the plans that I had made for my next study had been deleted. In just 2 days I submitted myself for the study International forest and nature management. With the plan to start the specialization Tropical Forestry after 1,5 year of basis knowledge.

In the meanwhile I already finished two years and just started the third year, almost time for a new and big adventure. I have just a couple of months of theory left. And than my life abroad will start, 1,5 year I will be meanly abroad.

First I start with an 5 months internship in the tropics. Therefore I’m looking at the moment, searching mainly in Peru and Ecuador. After I finished my internship, a period of 5 months following a minor will start. This will be in Australia, or maybe I will stay closer to house and therefore not leaving Europe. When I finished both my internship and my minor it is time to start my thesis! The last period of 5 months, again in the tropics. I do not yet have a plan where of what I want to do for my graduating, luckily I have more than enough time to think about that.

My future in nature

When I finished my study I would love the cope with the protecting and expanding of nature. Preferably in the tropics all over the world. I want to help get the nature protected against (illegal) harvesting of wood, combining this with planting the new forest. It would be amazing to see the tropics growing again. Or seeing degraded forest coming back to life again. These goals you have to obtain together with the local people. It will simply not work if you do not have the support of the people who are living there.

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