Photography as a hobby

One reason for this website is my love for photography. It started already on a young age. I received a simple digital camera when I turned 12 years old. Since that moment I am always busy trying to get the picture on the best way I possible can. Because I always wanted better pictures there have been many updates from camera and lenses. And this progress is stil continuing. The pictures really started to get more important is when I travelled to Madagascar and continued to be a big impact on all my other travels.

When I came back from Madagascar I started to do paid photoshoots. While I was doing this photoshoots my photography skills improved. Besides the paid photoshoots and tacking pictures of my pony I also took a lot of pictures in nature. Switching from small macro photography to bigger landscapes.

Buying prints

The pictures that I made for personal use, are the pictures you can buy. When you order a picture, you can choose the size and material. It will be delivered already printed and can be used for different kinds of decorations. They pictures that are available for ordering can be find in my portfolio. Are you thinking about an specific kind of picture, but you cannot find it in my portfolio? send me an email and I will look if there are any possibilities. If you have interest in buying a picture, please send me an email for information about prices and sending.

While my adventurous to beautiful places will continue, my offer for pictures will expand/replaced regularly. So check once in a while to what I have to offer.