Photography day!

Photography day!

Day of Photography!

19th of August 2018 was the day of photography. That means that today 20th of August I’m one day too late… But that does not mean I will wait for another year to pass by. I will still post this blog about the day of photography and I thought it would be nice to show my favourite photo’s from my recent trips!

The last few years I have made a couple of trips abroad, both for myself and for school. And of course, I made lots of pictures of everything that I thought was interesting during those trips. I will start back in 2015 when I made my first trip on my own to Madagascar and will end with the trip I made to Uganda at the beginning of this year. I will not show any pictures from Norway yet, I prefer to give them their own minute of fame when I have some more 🙂

Madagascar Jan – March 2015

My trip to Madagascar was when I was 18 years and just finished with school. I had decided to take a break between high school and the start of my bachelor. I needed some more time to figure out what I wanted to study and I was dreaming of going to Africa for years. So first I worked for a few months, so I was able to pay for my trip :). And just a couple of days after the beginning of 2015 I got on the plane to Madagascar! I was going to be a volunteer with SEED Madagascar for 10 weeks. Now it is time for my top 4 favourite pictures!

Red road Tree Chameloen Lemur

Portugal June 2017

I have to jump to 2017 immediately. After I went to Madagascar I have been working again and when school started it was a hectic first year without any trips. But at the end of the second year of school, it was time for our first ‘long’ field trip. We were going to Portugal, to the Faia Brava nature reserve. We have spent full days in the field, with burning 30+ degrees Celcius without shade. Welcome to field work! Doesn’t matter what the weather is, it needs to be done…

frog lavendel olive tree algea

Poland July 2017

As soon as school was over I left for Poland. I was organised by a student association at my school and we were going to visit the Bialowieza and the Biebrza area and one day in Belarus. This is interesting areas for nature lovers, as Bialowieza is the last lowland ancient forest in Europe and Biebrza is an outstretched swamp area. All kind of big animals is living there. Like the wolf, lynx, bison and mooses. We had lots of excursions those weeks, actually almost every day the whole day. Not much time left for sleeping 🙂

Butterfly Beetle Dragonfly Mushroom

Scotland August 2017

During the summer break, I went to Scotland with my boyfriend. After many years of dreaming, we were finally able to go! We went by car so we had all the freedom to go where we wanted. If I saw a beautiful spot I just shouted to stop and got out of the car. We made a full circle through the country. Started at Glasgow, then up to John o Groats following the west coast. Through the beautiful highlands. From John o Groats we went back to Loch Ness and our last stop was Edinburgh 🙂

glen nevis Ben nevis landschap hogwarts express

Surinam December 2017

Surinam was another field trip with school, not a bad place to go after all. We experienced lots of real jungle activities, had a few days off on a resort located at the Surinam River and have spent time with the locals. We had the real Paramaribo experience, I wouldn’t mind having missed. And we went looking for dolphins with the employer of WWF Surinam. I can say it was a wonderful time.

Jungle River Fire Mangrove

Uganda February – March 2018

At the beginning of February, I left for Uganda to do my internship. Unfortunately, it was not a right place to be for me. Therefore I decided that I would not continue for the remaining 4 months. But of course, during the 4 weeks, I was at my internship I have experienced wonderful things and seen a lot of monkeys. And after I left for my internship I have been travelling for 2 weeks before going home. In this period I could totally lose myself in the photography, with all the wild animals. I was already in Uganda so I wanted to make the most out of it! Also, I have been rafting on the Nile and horseriding throughout Jinja!

Gorilla Lion Giraffe White rhino


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