The short road trip to Norway

The short road trip to Norway

Hello there!

It has been a bit quiet on this website but not without a reason. The last few weeks I have been busy with all the last preparations.  For the coming months, I will be studying in Norway! At this moment I’m sitting behind my desk in my room on campus in far remote Norway, watching the rain pouring down. Cannot imagine a better time to start writing down everything I had experienced during our short road trip to Norway.

Why a road trip to Norway?

The reason why we were going to road trip to Norway in just 3 (!) days is simple. I will be studying here for the coming semester. But then why in 3 days and not making it a 2 weeks holiday? Well, my boyfriend was not able to be away from work any longer than 5 days.  So we had to decide how we were going to drive, we had to make a lot of compromises about where to stop and where not.  We both said that we wanted to spend most of the time we had in Sweden. Germany and Denmark were less interesting than Sweden and as I will be in Norway for 5 months there will be plenty of time to explore the areas here. And in Sweden, you are allowed to camp in the wild!

Day 1:

On the first day, we left home in the morning and our goal was to reach Copenhagen. Eventually, we wanted to drive all the way to Copenhagen and then take the bridge to Malmo, Sweden. But we had a lot of traffic jam while riding to the north of German because they were working on the road and several accidents.  So we changed our plan and decided to take the ferry from Puttgarden Germany to Rodby Denmark. And then drive up to the north of the island and take another ferry from Helsinor Denmark to Helsingborg Sweden. We were not able to take both ferry’s on the same time because it was already pretty late and decided to camp for the night on a little island Faro, that was accessible by a long bridge.

Day 2:

So after camping in Faro, it was time to continue our road trip. We moved further up north to take the second ferry that would bring us to Sweden. When we arrived in Sweden the holiday feeling started. We first made a little stop in Gotenburg, but were more curious to see the outback of Sweden. With the mountains and the forest. So we quickly turned back to the car and continued driving further up north. And halfway the afternoon we found a lovely little forest road that brought us into the forest for a few kilometres and there we decided to put up our camp. immediately on the shore of the Vanern lake. and with nothing else than forest around us. We spend a lovely few hours wandering around over the rocks between the trees, following moose tracks and looking for everything else that is alive.

Day 3:

After waking up in the sunlight, which started at 4 o’clock at night. We could enjoy a quiet morning, nothing else than sounds of animals that are beginning their new day and the wind through the trees. After eating our little breakfast and packing up all the stuff we had to continue our trip north. The landscapes really started to change, the hills were getting higher, the forests bigger and the number of people became less and less. We were getting more pleased with the minute. Because we had driven such a big distance on day 1 and 2 we were able to slow down for today. So we decided to put our car down at Langflon close to the river and again completely in the wild. We were only 2 kilometres away from the border with Norway. We had lots of time to explore the surroundings this afternoon and evening, and we did.

Day 4:
Today our only plan was to go to Evenstad. The place where I’m right now and where I will be for the coming months. Made a quick cash stop and grocery shopping on the way to here, but that was all. Nothing excited for this day. And so our little adventure came to an end.


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  1. Mooi verhaal Geke! Veel succes met je studie en vooral ook genieten van de geweldige omgeving. Tot over 5 maanden?

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