The services of the nature

The services of the nature

Nobody will doubt when you tell them the earth is a special planet. It is the only known planet where you can find everything that is necessary for life and therefore for the humans. The earth gives us everything we need: food, water, oxygen and all other things you can imagine we receive from nature.

The knowledge about nature became thousands of years ago, but with the rise of technology and industry, we are getting further and further away from nature. We seem to forget about her. There is massive deforestation, pollution, mining, over-fishing…  We are destroying our own planet if we go one like this. I hope with showing how we get everything from nature that you will be a bit more sustainable and think about how you treat the world.

Ecosystem services

The definition of an ecosystem service is: ‘Ecosystem services as benefits people obtain from ecosystems and distinguishes four categories of ecosystem services’. An ecosystem service is a term used to express the advantages we have or get from nature, divided into four categories.

  • Supporting
  • Provisioning
  • Regulating
  • Cultural


With supporting you take the services that are necessary for the other categories. The are basically the first layer of a piramide. Things like the nutrients cycle, soil formation and producing the primary products.


Under provisioning all the services where their are products at the end of the line. Think about food, material, water, energie but also genetic material.


Regulating is the part where all the big things happen, the regulation of the carbo, the climate, the degradation of litter and also diseases.


The last categorie is the cultural part. Therapeutic, spiritual, science and education.

The development of children

That was the theory about why nature is important but there are is also a practical side. Let’s take a child as an example, it is better for the development of a child to play outside in nature than behind the computer. In nature the child will experience lots of new experiences, it will help is imagination. They can lose their energy in nature. There are lots of paths to run, jumping over fallen trees or climbing up in a tree as high as you can. Not only will they lose their energy, also it will help their mental situation. They can learn a lot from nature and it’s inhabitants. They learn about emphatic, connection and that not everything will always work out as expected or wanted.

Schema ecosysteem services
Scheme about ecosysteem services

Because nature is highly unpredictable it will learn them to look for solutions. New ideas to solve their problems. In nature, the live cycles are clearly visible and perfect for explaining it to your children. New life comes every time but lives stop at everytime as well. And if you already playing in the forest or nature, learn your child some survival skills as well. Might be handy one day!




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