What is Sustainability and why is it important

What is Sustainability and why is it important

Today we are going to talk about sustainability, in these times you hear this word several times a day. But what is sustainability? Why are we talking so much about it? Why is it so important? Sustainability is a combination of the words sustain and ability. It means that biological systems remain diverse and productive, not just for week/months/year bur for indefinitely.  Or the endurance of systems and processes. I will tell more about that in detail in another blog post.

Without healthy ecosystems, such as long-lived healthy wetlands and forests, are necessary for the survival of human well being. And for other organisms of course. To save our ecosystems and make sure they stay healthy or make them healthy again, we have to be more sustainable.

How sustainable are you?

To find out how we can get more sustainable, we have to know how we are doing it by now. In The Netherlands, we are currently ranked 6th, in the size of our ecological footprint. Just 5 lands are above is. That means we are doing incredibly bad. It is time to change that.

You can calculate your own ecological footprint. Everything we do makes a demand on nature. The food we eat, the clothes we buy, the way we travel, everything. Added together, this us your ecological footprint. You have to answer questions about these subjects. You can do it in Dutch or in English.

What is your result? is it shocking? But don’t worry, it is not too late to change it.

How you can change this will be discussed next time

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